Tax & Finance advice

We help you to earn more money and spend less.

Many of our business consulting services are developed in close collaboration with our internal expert auditors and tax advisors, which means that you will always benefit from all of our auditors’ entire specialist expertise

These professional qualifications enable us to provide precise and client-specific advice. In cases of ongoing tax consulting, we focus on tax optimisation, reducing tax liabilities and creating a well-planned tax structure.

This expertise also forms the basis on which we develop our individual solutions for you and for creating a solid foundation for planning your business operations.

Our range of tax consulting services

Annual financial statements

  1. Preparing annual financial statements
  2. Annual statement account advice, current situation analysis and action planning
  3. Cash method accounting
  4. Asset accounting
  5. Tax returns and tax optimisation
  6. Tax retune analyses

Tax optimisation

  1. Choice of legal form
  2. Business start-up advice
  3. National and international tax planning

Legal enforcement

  1. Tax defence advice in the event of audits
  2. Financial proceedings
  3. Amended returns
  4. Payment deferrals

Business succession

  1. Asset planning


  1. Controlling and reporting
  2. Cost accounting
  3. Business analysis

Ongoing advice for individuals in all tax matters

Due Diligence


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