Accounting outsourcing

TRANSSIB-AUDIT LLC has been working on the market of audit and consulting services for more than 25 years, including audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with RAS and IFRS, and audit-related services.

As a consultant TRANSSIB-AUDIT, our task is to show you the ways and means tailored to your company and personal circumstances in order to minimize your tax and to provide you with qualified support in fulfilling legal obligations.

  1. Payroll accounting
  2. Accounting
  3. Asset accounting
  4. Analysis of the most important development trends in your company
  5. Advice on software selection for payroll and financial accounting
  6. Industry solutions
  7. Recording of incoming invoices - online
  8. Processing of payment transactions via our company portal on the basis of recorded incoming invoices
  9. Use of invoicing software
  10. Recording of initial invoices-online
  11. Recording of external accounts
  12. Preparation and recording of data (daily, monthly) in 1C program
  13. Calculation and recording of salaries, salary taxes and other compensatory payments
  14. HR record keeping
  15. Preparation of accounting forms (in accordance with RAS) and filing them with the relevant bodies

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